Quelle: Bombardier

12 trains for Adelaide

Mobility solution provider Bombardier Transportation has received a contract variation from the Government of South Australia for 12 three-car A-City electric multiple unit (EMU) trains. This latest order will increase Bombardier’s fleet of A-City EMUs to a total of 34 trains and provide a much-needed capacity increase on Adelaide’s suburban rail network.

Bombardier is the only rail manufacturer in Australia with the ability and capacity to singlehandedly manufacture trains and trams in Australia. We have industrial design, engineering, manufacturing, maintenance and rail signalling teams based in Australia which allows us to maintain the highest level of local content across the majority of our projects.

Bombardier has been delivering Adelaide DMU’s from 2005 and since 2011, our Dandenong facility in Victoria, Australia is involved in delivering the Adelaide A-City EMU fleet. Our local engineers have developed an in-depth knowledge of Adelaide’s rail network over these years, information which enabled Bombardier to propose the most efficient and network-friendly EMU solution which has resulted in high reliability and availability of trains, reduced operational cost and increased performance.


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