Quelle: Bombardier

21 TALENT 3 trains for Germany

Rail technology leader Bombardier Transportation and emerging transport company vlexx GmbH have signed a contract to provide 21 three-car BOMBARDIER TALENT 3 electric multiple units. The new trains are scheduled to begin operation on the Saar region’s electric rail network in December 2019.

The new low-noise trains will not only improve the travel experience for passengers, but residents will also benefit from its reduced noise emissions. In addition, the three-car trains feature 160 seats, of which eight are in the first class, room for two wheelchairs and nine bicycles. Furthermore for the first time, trains on this route will also be equipped with sliding steps to bridge the gap between the platform and the train while boarding and alighting for a comfortable and safe passenger exchange, especially for passengers with mobility restrictions.

The new generation of TALENT 3 electric multiple units offer modern operational flexibility, low energy consumption and significantly reduced life cycle costs. With the widest carbody in its class, the TALENT 3 train has a strong passenger-focus with a maximum comfort during travel and space that enables swift and easy passenger exchange.


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