Quelle: EIB

€350 million for Budapest

The European Investment Bank (EIB) has signed two loans with the Municipality of Budapest:
€200 million, the first tranche of the approved loan of €350 million, to finance priority investment schemes in the areas of public transport and road networks, and €100 million, representing the first part of the EIB loan of €200 million, to support improvements in the fields of Budapest’s urban renewal and regeneration, energy efficiency increase and environmental protection.

The EIB loan of €200 million provides an opportunity to finance the improvement of Budapest’s transport infrastructure, including the reconstruction of metro and suburban railway lines, tram and trolleybus infrastructure, road and bridge rehabilitation and rolling stock-related investments relevant for improving the quality of public transport services.

The loan of EUR 100 million makes possible to support the implementation of schemes in urban renewal and regeneration, energy efficiency and renewables, social urban regeneration, the environment including waste, water, wastewater, environment protection and remediation. It also addresses issues connected to the economic development of the city.


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