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Bombardier at the global public transport summit

Rail technology leader Bombardier Transportation will be one of the main exhibitors at this year’s Global Public Transport Summit, taking place in Montreal from May 15-17. The summit, organized by the International Association of Public Transport (UITP), will focus on the rapid and significant transition that the urban mobility industry is currently undergoing.

Against this digital backdrop, Bombardier Transportation’s presence at UITP will be centred on an immersive virtual reality presentation that showcases how its holistic approach and portfolio of transportation systems are meeting the global challenge of growing urbanization. Immersed in a virtual 3-D city, visitors can experience various Bombardier technologies seamlessly integrated into the urban transport ecosystem, each equipped with additional features to enhance capacity, safety and service. This includes the BOMBARDIER MOVIA Maxx metro platform, the BOMBARDIER FLEXITY 2 light rail system, an elevated BOMBARDIER INNOVIA Monorail 300 system or the BOMBARDIER OPTIFLO solution.

High capacity is the MOVIA Maxx metro’s key strength and when combined with the proven BOMBARDIER CITYFLO 650 communications-based train control system, operators can choose from the full range of modes; with driver to fully automated and driverless. As a metro project’s affordability is a vital precondition to its success, the MOVIA Maxx metro platform is designed to deliver great value for money in terms of passenger capacity, energy consumption, reliability and availability.

Visitors can also see the FLEXITY 2 light rail system equipped with the Obstacle Detection Assistance System (ODAS), a major breakthrough in tram safety. This safety-enhancing technology uses a very precise near field monitoring system with stereo camera technology to scan the area ahead. The ODAS automatically detects objects on or moving near to the tram track and instantaneously evaluates any potential risk before responding accordingly.


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