Quelle: Bombardier

First TRAXX DC3 locomotive for Poland

Mobility solution provider Bombardier Transportation and locomotive leasing company Akiem present the new BOMBARDIER TRAXX DC3 locomotive for Poland at the TRAKO 2019 international railway fair.

The TRAXX DC locomotives belong to the innovative TRAXX platform. The entire new platform can be equipped with Last Mile function, a technology that enables the locomotive to bridge non-electrified track sections. The development of this new locomotive generation is based on the success of the proven TRAXX family. To date, more than 2,000 of these locomotives are operating in 20 countries, covering a combined distance of around 300 million kilometres per year. Their operators can rely on a dense network of workshops all over Europe as well as a multi-language, 24/7 support hotline and other benefits from Bombardier’s Services teams.


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