Quelle: Bombardier

FLEXITY trams to Karlsruhe

Bombardier Transportation transferred the first two of 20 BOMBARDIER FLEXITY trams from Vienna to Karlsruhe’s public transport company Albtal-Verkehrs-Gesellschaft (AVG). AVG is in the process of modernizing their light rail fleet and ordered the new trams in 2018, bringing the total number of FLEXITY trams to 62. The total value of the 2018 call-off order amounted to around 87 million euro ($98 million US) and the 20 vehicles are to be delivered by mid next year.

The dual-system vehicles can operate on the inner-city tram network as well as on railway lines. The trams score points for their improved comfort and modern passenger information system, improving the overall passenger experience. Also, passengers will be able to enjoy WLAN and spacious multifunctional areas with plenty of space for wheelchairs, prams and bicycles.

Each of the 37-metre long vehicles, has space for 244 passengers, of which 93 can be seated. Up to three FLEXITY trams can be coupled together to carry even more passengers at peak times. Around 70 employees were involved in the production of the two vehicles in Vienna, who together have worked several thousand hours. A total of around 80 kilometres of cable were installed in the two trains - that is equivalent to a route roughly as long as the Karlsruhe city limits.


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