Quelle: Bombardier

Six FLEXITY for Rotterdam

Rail technology leader Bombardier Transportation announced today that it has received an order to supply six BOMBARDIER FLEXITY Swift Light Rail Vehicles (LRVs) to the Rotterdam Transport Company RET. The contract is valued at approximately 26.1 million euro ($ 28.4 million US). This order is the exercise of an option included in a contract for 42 vehicles signed with RET in December 2007. The delivery of the six additional vehicles is scheduled for 2017.

The metros will be part of the RandstadRail fleet and help increase the frequency of transport on the metro line E between The Hague and Rotterdam. Bombardier Transportation has previously delivered 81 metros to RET between 1998 and 2002, 22 vehicles for the new RandstadRail line and 42 vehicles for the existing metro lines between 2008 and 2012. An additional 16 vehicles were ordered in 2014 for the Hoekse Lijn and and will be delivered until by end of next year

The vehicles consist of three modules, are 43 m long, and can accommodate up to 270 passengers (104 seated and 166 standing). Each vehicle has two multi-purpose areas providing ample space for wheelchairs and prams while seven double doors on each side of the vehicle ensure a smooth passenger flow. The LRV is equipped with the BOMBARDIER MITRAC propulsion system and its BOMBARDIER FLEXX Urban bogies ensure a smooth ride and low noise levels. A modern passenger information system also provides passengers with timely and relevant travelling information.


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